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Ensuring Your Office Move Goes Smoothly

  An office move can greatly benefit a company, allowing the business to grow, employees to thrive in new conditions, and promote an exciting new company image amongst staff and customers alike. However, it can also be an extremely stressful project for all involved, requiring meticulous planning and time from those responsible to ensure it […]

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Office Removals: Get Them Right

  The key to a successful office move is to plan ahead and research exactly what you need to do throughout the moving process. Here at Simon Long Removals, we’re experienced in providing hassle free office removals to many customers, so we’ve listed some of our top tips to getting an office move right. Set […]

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Office Downsizing: A Guide for Businesses

If the pandemic has taught businesses anything, it’s that our offices are all probably a little bigger than they need to be. With hybrid working becoming extremely popular and lots of work being completed from home, many offices around the country are empty for much of the week, and when there are people in them, […]

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