The Ultimate Change of Address Checklist

A complete list of people and places to inform of your house move

There’s a million things to think about when moving home, and notifying professionals or companies about your change of address likely won’t be your foremost concern. Failing to do so, however, can lead to all sorts of miscommunications and issues down the line. Simon Long Removals are in the business of facilitating smooth house moves, from the initial packing and planning all the way to the settling and aftercare. We’ve constructed the ultimate change of address checklist for you.


Ensuring healthcare providers are up to date with your current address will help you to receive the correct treatment and care. You may need to register with a new GP if you have moved away from your existing one.


Education establishments will require your change of address to ensure the welfare of your children.


Many people forget to keep their personal contacts updated with their new address. You don’t want them to pay you a surprise visit, only to find out that you’ve moved home.


It’s vital you update your various utility providers with your current address to prevent being overcharged.


The government requires an up-to-date address to register for important services, such as the electoral roll. Failing to update the government with your address could lead to a penalty.


Banks and other financial bodies will require your address to send you bills and other important documents.


You must ensure that the DVLA and all motoring bodies have your current address for legal purposes.

Hobbies & Entertainment

You may need to change gym or library if you move, meaning you should notify your existing subscriptions to close your accounts.


There are many other important people and businesses to notify of your address change.

By following this checklist, you’re guaranteed to stay compliant with all the necessary legal regulations. For ease of use, this checklist is available to download in PDF format.

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