Common Questions Related to International Removals

An international move requires a lot of planning, preparation, and research. With so many things to organise, you’ll no doubt have many questions that need answering before the move. At Simon Long Removals, we’re committed to ensuring a hassle-free removals process for all of our customers, and are on hand to provide any assistance you may need with your move across the globe.

Check out our useful guide of commonly asked questions for international removals below to help put your mind at ease.


At What Point Should I Contact An International Removals Company?

The sooner you contact a removals company, the better. We recommend contacting us 6-8 weeks before your ideal moving date to guarantee a slot, and to allow us to get every detail of your international move organised well in advance of the moving date.

How Do I Get A Quote For My International Move?

Most reputable removals companies will offer a free, no obligation quote for your international move. In this process, we will visit your property and assess the quantity of items required to be moved before providing you with an accurate quote. To discuss obtaining your quote today, you can contact us here.

Are Packing And Collection Services Available For International Moves?

Yes, our BAR-approved movers can assist with everything from the safe packing of your possessions, to collecting them from your home and transporting them to your final destination so you can rest assured that they’ll arrive without a hitch.

How Much Notice Should I Give My Removals Company?

Again, as much notice as possible is ideal. We know that your moving date can be affected by a range of factors, so are accustomed to being flexible when we can, but to avoid losing your moving date you should communicate with your removals company as early and as frequently as possible.

Is There A Limit On How Many Items You Can Ship Internationally?

If you are aware you will have a large quantity of items to be moved overseas, you should let your removals company know as soon as possible to be sure that they can accommodate your requirements. However, most removals companies should have the ability to ship your possessions regardless of whether it’s a few small boxes or your entire house!

What Should I Prepare Before The Move?

Although our team can pack your possessions up for you, some initial preparations always help. Unplug any appliances, wipe down surfaces (dust can cause your items to scratch during transportation), and disassemble any bigger items you want moving. It’s also a good idea to keep a file of all the important documentation you will need for the international move, and to keep these in a safe place to avoid any last minute panics on the day.

What Happens At The Other End Of My Move?

Documentation of your shipment will be sent to our destination partners, who will contact you for a suitable delivery date to your new residence. The schedule of events and any information you need will be passed on to you before the moving day so that you are comfortable with the next steps of your overseas removals process before it even begins.


For a reliable, professional international removals company, look no further than Simon Long Removals. We’ve developed a comprehensive service that is committed to assisting our customers with every step of the removals process, so you can rest assured that your international move goes successfully and without stress.

To discuss obtaining a quote for your move, or for any further information on the services we offer, simply contact our team via our contact form or by calling us on 01842 739 806 today and we’ll be happy to help.