Keeping Your Documents Safe & Secure: Commercial Storage


For any business, the amount of paperwork and excess items being stored in the office is likely to accumulate, until more space is being used for storage than for the company itself!

If you are struggling to find a place for all your unused items, a commercial storage facility may be the ideal option for you. Commercial storage keeps your documents safe and secure for when you need them, whilst also freeing up valuable space in the office. Our article this month explains some of the benefits to storing your company’s documents within our facility.

Frees up space

If your workplace is particularly cluttered with unused documents, commercial storage is a great way of freeing up space and keeping your documents safe at the same time.

There is a lot of paperwork that cannot simply be shredded and thrown away, such as personnel files which need to be kept, as well as any other documents that may be needed in the future. These are ideal for being put into commercial storage, allowing you to access documents as and when you need them, but keeping them away from cluttering up the office itself.


Our secure storage facility keeps your documents safe. We adhere to a strict authorised access  only policy so that your documents are kept secure while stored with us. This is particularly useful when storing sensitive documents that need to be kept private.

Added safety

Workplaces often have several safety risks, such as being open to the public, fire hazards, and being a potential target for burglaries. Removing sensitive documents from the premises to a secure storage facility ensures that should a fire break out or anything ever be stolen, your documents are safe.

Reduced costs

Having an unnecessarily large workspace just to accommodate unused documents can be costly, and not the best use of company finances. Commercial storage options are a far cheaper method of storing items, allowing your company to find a space that fits the employees there, rather than paperwork. This can make massive savings on rental costs.

Why choose Simon Long?

Here at Simon Long, our commercial storage solutions offer a archiving service, allowing you to store your files in an organised way – meaning you can keep track of your paperwork when you need it.

We have a range of sizes in storage units, so whether you just want to store paperwork, or desks and chairs too, we’ve got the room for your requirements.

For more information on the commercial storage options we provide around Norfolk, contact us using our online contact form or via phone on 01842 739 806 (or call your local number) today.