Moving House with Children: Your Survival Guide

Moving house is an important day for all the family, and turning a new house into your home can be a great bonding experience. Explaining the moving process to your child should be done sooner rather than later to let them get used to the idea of changing homes, but even then, the moving process can be traumatic to a child.

We’ve provided a few useful tips when moving house with children below to ensure the process goes as smoothly as possible for you and your family, allowing you to focus on the move itself.

Get Them Involved

Whilst the moving day itself is not a time you want your children running around, asking them to help you pack up the house, in particular their own room, is a great way of making the house move an exciting event for everyone.

It’s also a good idea to encourage your child to pack a survival box similar to what you will be taking in the car with you. Allowing your child to keep their favourite items with them while moving will help to soothe any concerns on just where all their belongings are going.

Communication Is Key

While you may understand exactly what is happening through the moving process, your child may be confused. Talking to your children and explaining what is happening and why will help them feel more comfortable about the upcoming changes in their routines.


Plan A Visit

If you’re moving to a new neighbourhood, organising a visit with your children can be a great way of keeping nerves at bay. Take them to look at the house if you can, and visit any local attractions such as parks, cafes, and activity centres that may excite them for the move.

A trip to your new home can work wonders for making the move seem like an adventure, and that excitement may even rub off on you, too!

Get A Babysitter

Whilst your children may want to help when you’re packing up all of your belongings, the actual moving day will be very stressful to have children running about. Getting a trusted relative or friend to look after your children will ensure they stay safe while heavy items are being transported, and will allow you to focus more on the move itself.



Keep routines as normal as you can once you’ve moved into your new home. This will help your children – and you – settle in far quicker. It will also help to unpack their items first, ensuring they have their own bedroom sorted as soon as possible with familiar belongings.

At Simon Long Removals, we’ve been around long enough to know how time-consuming moving house can be. We pride ourselves on providing a reliable service, reducing the stress to you and your family as much a possible by taking care of everything from packing your furniture, to safely transporting and unloading your items at your destination.

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