Change of Address Checklist

There’s a million things to think about when moving home, and notifying professionals or companies about your change of address likely won’t be your foremost concern. Failing to do so, however, can lead to all sorts of miscommunications and issues down the line. Simon Long Removals are in the business of facilitating smooth house moves,…
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The Moving Mission to Mars or Another Planet

moving mission to mars

The Ultimate Long Distance Move At this time of the year and with the news full of uncertainty it’s not uncommon to daydream of emigrating to pastures new. But how far would you really want to go? Canada? New Zealand? Australia? How about Mars?   Why move to Mars or another planet? Interplanetary relocation might…
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All You Need to Know About Long Term Storage

Office with boxes in it that are packed with office equipment, in preparation for an office move

About our storage services Long term storage is a service many people turn to because it’s convenient, safe, easy to load and offers a secure, weatherproof place for your belongings. Whether you’re downsizing, moving home for the summer from university, clearing out an entire property or offices – long term storage can be your interim…
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How To Prepare the Moving Day Survival Kit

removal men carrying item out of van

You’ve heard about the moving day survival kit but you might be unsure what it really is and what it really consists of. Take it from the professionals who are here to help you with just that, so you know what’s good to keep unpacked – to ensure your moving day runs smoothly. Your first…
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Video: Our New Removals Van Has a Makeover!

simon long removal van

One of the most exciting things about the spring months is the chance to start afresh. You can go out and treat yourself to a bit of a makeover and show off your new look now the sun has returned. Well, here at Simon Long Removals & Storage we’re no stranger to this, and so…
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Common Questions Related to International Removals

An international move requires a lot of planning, preparation, and research. With so many things to organise, you’ll no doubt have many questions that need answering before the move. At Simon Long Removals, we’re committed to ensuring a hassle-free removals process for all of our customers, and are on hand to provide any assistance you…
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Call in the Experts: Piano Removals

  For the removal of your piano when moving house, a professional removals company is the best option to guarantee its safe transportation to your destination. The weight and cumbersome size of pianos can make them difficult to maneuver, and moving them can be a dangerous task for someone untrained. Here at Simon Long Removals,…
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Keeping Your Documents Safe & Secure: Commercial Storage

  For any business, the amount of paperwork and excess items being stored in the office is likely to accumulate, until more space is being used for storage than for the company itself! If you are struggling to find a place for all your unused items, a commercial storage facility may be the ideal option…
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