Call in the Experts: Piano Removals


For the removal of your piano when moving house, a professional removals company is the best option to guarantee its safe transportation to your destination. The weight and cumbersome size of pianos can make them difficult to maneuver, and moving them can be a dangerous task for someone untrained.

Here at Simon Long Removals, we offer a piano removals service that ensures it remains secure throughout transportation. We’ve listed a few reasons why calling in the experts is the best method when moving your piano.

Pianos can break easily

Trying to move your piano yourself can result in a scratched or even damaged instrument before you even get it out of the house, with hallways and corners all potential obstacles than can cause harm to the piano. Our team are experienced in moving pianos expertly out of your home and into the removals truck, and can ensure the instrument is moved in a way that keeps it – and your home – safe from damage!

Dangerous to maneuver

It’s no secret that a piano is a heavy duty instrument, often weighing in the region of up to 1,000 pounds, so moving it without expert assistance could lead to someone becoming injured.

Trained professionals

Our team here at Simon Long Removals are given professional training to move pianos safely and securely – ensuring no one or thing comes to harm during the process. An expert company is the only reliable way of ensuring the safety of everyone on site during the moving process, and to make sure the piano does not get damaged during the move either.

Temporary storage solutions

If for whatever reason you will not be reaching your destination straight away – whether that’s because you’re going travelling abroad, or moving away as a student – an expert service such as the one offered here at Simon Long Removals can provide temporary storage solutions for your convenience. That means that if you don’t need your piano, or any other belongings, for a few months from now, our secure storage facility keeps your possessions safe until they’re needed.

To discuss your piano removal requirements, or to find out more about any of the services we offer across Norfolk & Norwich, contact the team at Simon Long Removals today – we’ll be more than happy to help.