Ensuring Your Office Move Goes Smoothly


An office move can greatly benefit a company, allowing the business to grow, employees to thrive in new conditions, and promote an exciting new company image amongst staff and customers alike.

However, it can also be an extremely stressful project for all involved, requiring meticulous planning and time from those responsible to ensure it all occurs within the set deadline. Here at Simon Long Removals, our dedicated team are committed to ensuring your move goes as smoothly as possible. We offer comprehensive packing and transportation services, and as experts in our field, have listed a few top tips to help you with your office move.

Create a moving timeline

A timeline will allow you to establish when important tasks need to be completed by arranging internet and phone connections in the new building, packing filing systems, computers and personal belongings etc. A strict timeline allows for minimal disruption and, more importantly, allows you to keep all those involved in the office removals process on the same page and aware of their responsibilities in the move.

Choose the right removals company

Finding an experienced company that understands your needs is paramount to ensuring that the move goes smoothly. Here at Simon Long Removals, we have a wide range of moving vehicles, meaning no job is too big or too small for us.

We are committed to ensuring everything runs as smoothly as possible, and our experienced team will work closely with you to ensure together we can work towards the most efficient way to safely transport all possessions.

Plan the new office layout in advance

Having a clear plan of where everything needs to go in the new office, and in what layout, is important to define before the move, or you could end up with a much more stressful day than necessary. Work with your removal company to agree where the team will move equipment to and label it as such – keep in mind setting desk layouts in line with plug sockets, where to have server rooms, and possible storage facilities.

Make a moving guide for employees

It is important to ensure that all your employees are made aware of the move and their responsibilities during the process. The distributed guide should detail how employees should prepare their workspace for the move, when they will be moving and what – if any – responsibilities they have on the moving day itself. Remember that more people potentially means more confusion when transporting equipment, so limit those helping to only necessary staff.


Moving is a perfect time to declutter the office of old paperwork and unused equipment – especially if you are moving to a location with less or different storage facilities. Send any files not needed off to be archived, and recycle any equipment – old desks, broken monitors etc – that will not be needed in your new location.


Here at Simon Long Removals, our experienced team understand the time and planning that goes into a successful office move. Our qualified movers can help ensure all your business documents, furniture and equipment are transported safely and efficiently, taking all the stress off your shoulders!

Contact our friendly team by calling 01842 739 806 (or your local number) today to discuss your office move, and find out how our services can help you. Or alternatively, get in touch online.