Office Removals: Get Them Right


The key to a successful office move is to plan ahead and research exactly what you need to do throughout the moving process. Here at Simon Long Removals, we’re experienced in providing hassle free office removals to many customers, so we’ve listed some of our top tips to getting an office move right.

Set objectives

A move can be down to any number of reasons, but it’s important to have clear objectives of what you and the company wish to achieve by moving office. Whether it’s because the lease is up on the current building, the business needs to upsize, or to downsize, ensure that you map out your moving plans in accordance with these objectives. Thinking about where you are moving to and what needs to be moved there will make the move itself much easier.

Plan early

Planning is key for any move, and this is particularly true of office moves with many people and a lot of furniture to organise. Create a detailed timeline in the run up to the move, with an inventory of what is to go with you, what’s to be stored, what is to be thrown out etc. Get your removals company involved in the planning if possible – expert advice will always be useful, and will allow your removals team to prepare their own plan for the move in line with yours.


Organising an office move is a huge task, and will often be far too much to handle for just one person. An office move is a perfect chance to give some choice employees key responsibilities within the move; your team should possess the skills required to organise, and also allowed the time needed to do this.

Appoint a team leader to project manage the move, and ensure that all staff are aware of updates. It’s important to keep everyone aware of what will be happening and when, including what they need to pack themselves in their own desk area.


It’s important to determine a budget for your office move in order to keep on track. Remember to include not only the new premises, but any new furniture and technology, plus any costs to transfer existing furniture – as well as staff! It can be easy for costs to increase without proper monitoring, so determining a budget to try to stick to can keep costs down.


It’s a waste of time for both your company and your removals company to transport items that will not be used at the new office. Take advantage of the move by decluttering your current premises; archive any paperwork that goes untouched, donate desks and equipment that is not used, and throw out any faulty technology before the moving date. Decluttering now will give your movers more time to safely transport your items – and likely save you some money in the process.

Hire a professional removals company

An office move is a complex job that requires a lot of attention to detail when organising, so the best people to go to for help are the professionals. Here at Simon Long Removals, we’re committed to working alongside our customers to ensure they receive a stress-free service with all items transported safely and securely to the new premises.

Our BAR approved movers can help move any office items you have, from packing them to safe transportation. We have depots in Norfolk and Gloucestershire, so if you would like more information on our removals services, or to discuss your office move, contact us today – we’ll be happy to help you.