Self Storage: Cut the Clutter!


Self-storage is a great solution to de-cluttering your house. Many people are natural hoarders, choosing to store away belongings to replace new ones, until they can barely see the walls of their own home!

A self-storage container is not only a cost effective way to store possessions, but also provides added space to keep things you’re not quite ready to throw out yet.


It’s important to have a plan in place before you start the process of decluttering, or things could quickly end up messier than when you started! Schedule a date for when you will tidy the house, even if this is just a few hours dedicated to one room. It is a good idea to start small with a room at a time, as this will avoid you losing track of what is to go into storage, what is to be thrown and what you could sell. Sorting through each room at a time will allow you to manage your belongings easier and not become overwhelmed.

It is also a good idea to make an index of what you will be putting into your self-storage container as you go – this will enable you to quickly find out where particular items are in the future.

Sorting your belongings

When sorting through your belongings, put them into zones of keep, store, donate/sell, and throw away. If possible, throw away things as you sort them to prevent you from storing them until you get a chance to throw them away as this could be months from now!

Storage is ideal for items you don’t need right now but may be of use in the future, for example, high quality children’s clothes can be stored if they are still in good condition, and passed on to future generations. Likewise, if you have accumulated furniture from adult children moving back home or expanding house space, you may want to put some pieces into storage rather than throw them away altogether.


Seasonal storage

Another useful way to sort through your home when decluttering is to put seasonal items into self-storage, freeing up valuable space in your home when they are not needed. This can include large winter coats, thermals etc which are only needed for a few months of the year. Likewise, if you and your family are unlikely to use your bikes in the cold and rainy winter months, put these into self-storage to keep them safe whilst also freeing up space back home.

Other seasonal items include camping gear, suitcases, tool boxes and garden equipment or furniture.


Here at our self storage service, 4 Secure Self Storage, we offer unrestricted 24/7 access to your personal storage unit, allowing you to access your stored belongings at whatever time suits you best.

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