Furniture Storage Facilities: What are the Advantages?


Furniture storage facilities are an extremely useful solution for a number of circumstances, providing a secure location to store belongings for both short and long term periods.

Whether you’re moving home, moving abroad, or just redecorating your current home, furniture storage frees up space and time for you to focus on your projects. Here at Simon Long Removals, our flexible furniture storage solutions are utilised by many happy customers, so we’ve listed a few of the top advantages to using this service below.

Saves space

Most homes will have areas or even whole rooms dedicated to unused clutter, taking up valuable space. An overcrowded home can become a stressful and even hazardous space to occupy, so decluttering is often the answer.

If you have an accumulation of belongings that you don’t use, but want to keep hold of for future purposes, furniture storage is the ideal solution to provide a secure facility for your possessions, whilst also freeing up even more space within your home!

Convenience for DIY projects

Updating your home with some DIY or a lick of paint is a great way to keep rooms looking fresh and giving the home a welcoming feel. However, the risk with this is that your large furniture could be damaged or splattered with paint in the process due to improper storage and protection.

Furniture storage is the perfect solution when you are carrying out some much needed renovations on your home, safely stowing away your possessions until you need them and allowing you the time and space needed to update your home’s look.

Moving house

Lastly, one of the biggest advantages of furniture storage facilities is the convenience they provide when moving home. Whether you are moving abroad and travelling first, don’t need all of your furniture immediately upon moving, or are going to university for the year, furniture storage allows you to place your possessions in a secure facility where you can access them whenever you need them, at affordable prices. Likewise, if you’re moving home and up or down-sizing, furniture storage provides a safe place to keep items until you decide what you want to move into your new home, and what is no longer needed.

Here at Simon Long Removals, we offer comprehensive storage solutions for domestic and commercial customers, providing the ideal secure facility for as long or short a time as you need.

Get in touch with us today for more information, and we’ll be happy to help.