How we keep your piano safe during a house move

For many families, a piano holds not just monetary value but also sentimental value. As such, you may be searching for the best way to move a piano to your new home without causing damage.
In this article, Simon Long Removals will outline what a piano removal service involves, including what we need to know from you and how we safely transport the instrument from A to B.

Should you DIY move a piano?

  • Moving a piano without the expertise or specialist equipment that a removals company can offer will make for a more stressful and high-risk move.
  • Pianos need to be moved with care to keep them in immaculate condition – something that specialist companies are experienced at and are geared up for.
  • Also, due to their weight, they must be lifted carefully to avoid injury – which could be difficult to pull off without equipment.
  • All in all, it’s safer and more convenient to opt for a removals company rather than attempt a DIY move.

What do movers need to know?

Preparation is crucial for our movers, who need to be aware of the lay of the land, so to speak, before the move can begin.

We’ll need to know:

  • What level of the house the piano is on
  • The type of piano it is, including its dimensions – this allows us to determine what vehicle and equipment to use
  • Whether the walkways in and out of the house will be clear
  • How many steps there are in and out of the properties (also at street level) where the piano is being moved from and to
  • What parking is available outside your property and will it be accessible on moving day
  • If moving home, how many rooms’ worth of stuff will you be transporting – this way, we can calculate the vehicles needed

Answering these simple questions prior to the move allows us to plan effectively to ensure a move without any hitches.

How do movers transport a piano?

Safety is our number one priority during any move, to protect both your piano and each other.

  • Parts of the piano may need to be removed first, such as the legs, lid etc, to make it easier and safer to transport.
  • To keep your piano safe from any knocks or scrapes, it will then be wrapped in a warm padded blanket. Not only does this offer protection against bumps, but also helps with temperature control (as pianos can be very sensitive to temperature fluctuations).
  • We use a specialist piano dolly complete with secure straps. This contraption allows the piano’s weight to be perfectly balanced.
  • The piano is then securely strapped into the removals van, which makes for a much safer journey when compared with DIY piano transport.
  • Upon arrival, the piano will be unloaded, once again using specialist equipment and the experience of our piano movers.

Thanks to the comprehensive service from Simon Long Removals, we can offer professional piano removal services as part of our range of home and business removal services.

Simon Long Removals provide piano removals to the areas of Norfolk, Cambridge and Norwich – though we oversee moves on a national and international level, too. Rest assured, your piano is in the safest hands and all staff are trained to the standards laid out by the British Association of Removers. To discuss your house move today, feel free to get in touch.

Simon Long Removals large lorry and removal van