Moving abroad from the UK: Overview of UK Emigration

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In recent years there has been an increasing amount of people moving abroad from the UK – whether that’s for a sunnier climate, better jobs, formal study, retirement, financial gain or family reasons. Our chart below delves into the specifics and the statistics at hand, to find out why UK citizens are choosing to move abroad and to discover if these UK emigrants are now happier.

Take a look at the statistics below to find out more information:

moving abroad from the UK: overview of UK emigration infographic

How has UK emigration changed over the years?

International emigration from the UK between 2007 and 2017 in thousands:

statistics on changes in emigration from the UK between 2007 and 2017

What are the top countries people are leaving UK for?

10 most popular countries to move to from the UK with % of total moves:

  • Australia 13.65%
  • USA 12.32%
  • Spain 8.41%
  • France 5.35%
  • Canada 5.09%
  • Ireland 4.53%
  • UAE 4.51%
  • New Zealand 3.72%
  • Germany 3.23%
  • South Africa 2.21%

What are the reasons for leaving the UK?

  • Definite job 44.17%
  • Accompany or join a family member 13.33%
  • Looking for work 9.17%
  • Formal study 5.83%

Are UK emigrants happy with their life abroad?

  • 81% generally satisfied with life abroad
  • 52% are unlikely to return to the UK

What are the potential benefits of moving abroad from the UK?

  • General living standards
  • Climate and weather
  • Cost of living

What are the potential drawbacks of moving abroad from the UK?

  • Language
  • Political stability
  • Distance to home country

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