The Moving Mission to Mars or Another Planet

The Ultimate Long Distance Move

At this time of the year and with the news full of uncertainty it’s not uncommon to daydream of emigrating to pastures new. But how far would you really want to go? Canada? New Zealand? Australia?

How about Mars?



Why move to Mars or another planet?

Interplanetary relocation might not be that high on your to-do list but our descendants will have to consider it if we’re not to go the same way as the dinosaurs. The late Stephen Hawking said, “If the human race is to continue for another million years, we will have to boldly go where no one has gone before’.

There’s a host of scientific, medical and technological possibilities for us should we dare to dream of life on a currently barren planet. Cures for some of our most deadly diseases could be out there and solving the technological problems it would take to make the trip could bring a whole host of benefits. The planet is likely to be filled with natural resources and NASA report that whichever country gets there first will claim a massive economic dividend.


Is moving to another planet really possible?

The tech entrepreneur and investor, Elon Musk has set up a private interplanetary exploration company, SpaceX, with the intention of getting us there. To show he means business he’s already promising to send private travelers around the moon within the next few years and claims he can get people to Mars soon after. Compared to much of the solar system getting to Mars will be child’s play, taking around 7 months of travel time. When we’re there, we can extract underground water and draw energy from the sun. Daytime temperature on the red planet is a nippy -55c which compares with the -60c found in the interior of Antarctica. Gravity is 38% of our own, which is enough for us to survive and over time we’d slowly adapt to new conditions by carefully colonising Mars. With ambitious plans to shift the Mars conditions more in our favour, it might be that the red planet turns green and pleasant enough for humans to thrive.


What will you need for your move to Mars and what services from Simon Long Removals can help with this?

Any long distance move comes with its fair amount of stress and anxiety, a move to Mars might be more stressful than most. An experienced and trusted removals firm like Simon Long Removals would be an ideal choice for interplanetary relocation. They can offer transport to the space station and storage for your belongings here on earth while you’re establishing yourself in a low gravity environment. If you’re a pioneering entrepreneur looking to take advantage of the commercial opportunities in the new colony, then the dedicated business relocation service offered by Simon Long Removals because we’re happy to assist.

It might seem like science fiction now but so did air travel 150 years ago. It really is a case of watch this space…

If you want to relocate to Mars or you’re toying with the idea of moving to another planet – we’ll be the first to let you know when it’s possible but as for now, our team of professionals here at Simon Long Removals operate throughout Gloucester, Kings Lynn, Norwich, Thetford, Cambridge and Cheltenham. For your free no obligation survey and quotation by contacting us here, or call us today.