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Common Questions Related to International Removals

An international move requires a lot of planning, preparation, and research. With so many things to organise, you’ll no doubt have many questions that need answering before the move. At Simon Long Removals, we’re committed to ensuring a hassle-free removals process for all of our customers, and are on hand to provide any assistance you […]

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The Moving Mission to Mars or Another Planet

The Ultimate Long Distance Move At this time of the year and with the news full of uncertainty it’s not uncommon to daydream of emigrating to pastures new. But how far would you really want to go? Canada? New Zealand? Australia? How about Mars?   Why move to Mars or another planet? Interplanetary relocation might […]

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How to Help a Long-Distance Move Go Smoothly

How to Help a Long-Distance Move Go Smoothly Any moving day is challenging, even if you’re only planning to relocate a few streets away, but when you add long distances into the mix, suddenly the task can seem much more daunting. However, it doesn’t have to be; there are plenty of steps you can take […]

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